Worx Pegasus Vs Keter

Worx Pegasus vs Keter

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If you’re in need of a temporary worksurface, then I recommend a portable workbench. Most portable workbenches currently on the market are light in weight and compact in size. After you’re done using them, you can fold them up and store them away.

If you enjoy DIY projects around the home, then a workbench is definitely going to come in handy. Portable workbenches can be used as a saw horse, table, and some even have the option of attaching different things to them – they can be used in many different hobbies and are a great way to hold materials.

Worx Pegasus Vs Keter  Sawhorse

Characteristics of a good portable workbench include:

Sturdiness would be one of the most important characteristics of a workbench. A good workbench should definitely be able to hold a large amount of weight and remain sturdy. There should be no type of wobbling whatsoever. A bench that is unstable and weak isn’t reliable and could cause accidents. So, when you’re looking for a workbench, definitely consider the sturdiness.

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse with Quick Clamps and Holding Pegs - WX051

Some high quality workbenches will have built in storage that you can  use to tore your tools and materials.

Have you ever worked with a portable workbench that just wasn’t suitable for you? Doing so can take a lot out of you, and your woodworking hobby will start to feel more like a chore than a hobby. This is why it is important that you take time to do your research and compare the different workbenches on the market. Worx Pegasus vs Keter – is one better than the other, or are they the same? Continue reading to find out …

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A workbench is a universal tool. In fact, I believe it is the one tool that really is universal.  It doesn’t matter what type of work you’re doing, chances are, you are going to need a flat surface to work on. Looking around, I don’t really see many portable workbenches like I used to, which seems kind of odd, because we all need a flat surface to work on from time to time. Sure, you could get a traditional workbench that is stationary, but I personally like the idea of portability.  So today, we are going to be putting two of the most popular workbenches side by side – the Worx Pegasus and Keter.

 Worx Pegasus Sawhorse

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse with Quick Clamps and Holding Pegs - WX051
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Looking at the Worx Pegasus, I feel that it has a lot to offer – it’s definitely unique to say the least. It can be a standard work surface (that’s what I need), but you can also use it as a sawhorse.

Converting to a Sawhorse is Easy

When you need to use the Worx Pegasus as a sawhorse, converting it really is easy to do. All you have to do is push a button on the sawhorse and it will fold both of the sides down. There will still be a flat surface on the top, which comes in handy if you want to lay lumber across and saw it.

I understand that when we see a sawhorse being used, there’s usually two of them because they are usually used in pairs. Yes, sawhorses are used in pairs and that is something that the manufacturer thought of because the Pegasus can be linked to another table so that you have two sawhorses. Not only would you have two sawhorses, but you would have a nice amount of flat surface to work with.

Weight Capacity

The worktable is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds, while the sawhorse is capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds. When it comes to weight capacity, when I first looked at it, it didn’t seem like it was as strong as it should be. However, it is capable of holding weight that is up to 1000 pounds, so obviously it’s strong enough for most woodworkers to use, regardless of the type of woodworking you’re doing.


There may be times when you want to fold it up to take it with you, and that is easy to do. All you have to do is lift from the platform on the bottom and push the legs in. This workbench easily folds up and is very convenient. When one of these benches is folded up, it will be about five inches, so you could fit it in your vehicle.

When the bench has been folded, there’s a clamp mechanism that neatly fits into the recess that is under the bench. This makes it easy to carry and will prevent you from getting it hung up on objects. This is great to have, especially if you’re carrying it in a crowded area or through brush.

best portable sawhorse
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Clamp Dogs

This workbench has a total of four clamp dogs. I understand that the term “clamp dogs” may sound a tad bit funny, especially if you’re not familiar with the word, so let me explain it to you. Clamp dogs are those tiny tabs that are located on the other side of the clamp – they are responsible for holding and balancing the material. Looking at some of the other benches on the market, I find that per clamp, they only have one clamp dog. This particular model right here has a total of two clamp dogs per clamp, for a total of four clamp dogs all together. When it comes to holding material as straight as you possibly can, you’re going to appreciate those clamp dogs.

The Surface

The surface of the workbench is fairly flat, which is exactly what I would expect. However, looking over the bench, you’ll find a couple of places that have been hollowed out. This is where you can store your nails, screws, and other tiny items that you want to keep near you.


On the bottom of the platform, you will find a storage shelf – I like when workbenches have storage shelves, because this is super convenient. You can place your tools and other stuff on the storage shelves. When you’re folding the bench, you’ll need to push that particular shelf upwards, and many say that the weight of the tools there works as a safety measure.


  • Folds up
  • Can be used as a workbench and a sawhorse
  • High weight capacity
  • 4 clamp dogs
  • Storage space
  • Compact


  • Doesn’t offer a large amount of flat surface

With this bench, there are a couple of downfalls, but that is to be expected, regardless of the product – nothing out there is perfect.  Starting out, this bench doesn’t offer a whole lot of flat surface. Yes, the entire bench is basically flat, but if you’re looking for something that is perfectly flat, then this one might not be what you’re looking for. It’s obvious that the Pegasus Worx is made to hold an item as you’re working with it – it isn’t meant to offer a surface that is totally flat. For some types of work, this may make the bench useless. For example, if you work with jewelry, you might not have much use for this bench.

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse with Quick Clamps and Holding Pegs - WX051

Final Thoughts

Sure, the bench may not be great to use if you’re a metal worker (not great to hammer stuff on) or a jewelry maker, but it does come in handy for woodworkers and that is why many woodworkers are recommending the Worx Pegasus.

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The Keter Sawhorse

Keter Folding Compact Workbench Sawhorse Work Table with Clamps 1000 Lb Capacity
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Does the Keter add up to the Worx Pegasus? Is it better than the Worx Pegasus? Well, this is definitely a unique bench and looking at it, I see that it was designed with convenience in mind. If you look at a picture of it, doesn’t it look high-tech? It looks like something you would see a scientist working on. When you learn how the Keter works, you’ll see that it actually delivers on that appearance.


Like the Worx Pegasus, the Keter can also be converted from a sawhorse into a workbench and converting it is super easy. There’s two buttons located on the sides – all you have to do is depress those buttons and the bench will fall into place. This bench can be set up in merely a couple of seconds because it was designed to use the weight of the bench combined with gravity as the design. For those of you that don’t have a whole lot of time to spare and would like to get to work right away, this will come in handy.

Folding Table Work Bench For Woodworking Tools & Accessories with Clamps


This bench is said to be able to hold up to 1000 pounds on it. However, the legs are made of thick aluminum, so you might not want to put anything that is 1000 pounds on it. Sure, it’d be fine if the legs were made of steel, but since they’re aluminum, the 1000 pound limit may be too much for it. Besides, I don’t really see many people lifting up 1000 pounds of material and putting it on the bench anyways.

I personally question the durability of this workbench. I feel that there’s just too much aluminum and plastic here, and not enough steel. Steel is something that I personally like seeing in workbenches. However, it’s obvious that the company was going for something that was portable, so I understand why they used the material they used.


On both sides of the bench, you’re going to find two shelves. As I said earlier, I really like having shelves on my workbench because then I can keep my tools that I need within reach. These two shelves can hold bolts, screws, and so on and as an additional benefit, everything here is within your reach.

People also like the fact that the clamps can be moved. This means that you can mount them either vertically or horizontally – the choice is completely up to you.

The one problem I find with the shelf would be the fact that the center support gets in the way and divides the shelf, so you can only use half the space. If you store a tool on the other side, you’ll have to stop what you’re doing and walk around the bench to grab that tool. This is a little inconvenient, but it certainly isn’t a deal breaker.

The Surface

The Keter offers a surface that is relatively flat. I noticed that the Keter doesn’t fold down like the Worx Pegasus does. The Keter is stuffed back into the base, while the Pegasus basically drops down. While it doesn’t take a lot of effort to fold the Worx Pegasus up, this one does take some effort, but it’s not that big of a problem because in the end, it can be set up within a matter of seconds.

The Price

I have found that the price of the Keter is a tad bit more than the price of the Worx Pegasus.


When the Keter is folded up, you’re not going to have a problem carrying it around. To give you an idea of the size, basically, folded up, it looks like a big suitcase. It’s easy to carry with you if you want to take it with you somewhere.  The weight of the table is reasonable, so I could see being able to carry two of these benches at the same time.

The bench even has a carry handle on it, which makes it even more portable.  After all, a portable bench should have a carry handle, right?

Folding Table Work Bench For Woodworking Tools & Accessories with Clamps


  • Looks super cool
  • Folds up in a suitcase shape
  • Easy to carry
  • Unfolds within seconds
  • High weight capacity
  • Clamps can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • A convenient shelf


  • The aluminum legs
  • Overly slick surface
  • Too much plastic

Don’t get me wrong, the Keter bench is a great bench. However, there are some that may have a problem with the durability over time.

Final Thoughts

Yes, the legs are aluminum, and this is something that you’re going to have to think about when you’re using the table – like I said before, I wouldn’t put anything close to 1000 pounds on this table, not if you want it to last for a long time. The Keter work bench has a nice wide surface area, which is definitely a bonus – it will give you the ability to work with larger pieces of material.


After taking the Worx Pegasus and comparing it to the Keter, I have found that these two workbenches are similar in many ways, so it isn’t exactly easy to tell which one of them is better than the other. However, I do need an answer, so let’s compare the two together and determine exactly which one is better than the other.


The weight is definitely something we need to look at. Light weight is good when it comes to something that is portable, because you don’t want to have to carry something heavy around. So if you plan on moving the workbench around and taking it from place to place, this is definitely something you need to think about. In terms of durability, it doesn’t seem like either one of these workbenches have sacrificed a whole lot, but I noticed that the Worx Pegasus actually weighs 5 pounds more than the Keter.

Weight Capacity

When it comes to weight capacity, they are the same. Both of the benches are capable of supporting up to 1000 pounds. However, I really don’t recommend putting anything close to 1000 pounds on either table.


Do you recall how I told you the Keter folds out? It reminds me of a transformer in a way, because it converts so quickly and easily. The Worx Pegasus doesn’t fold out as smoothly, so when it comes to portability, the Keter has stole the show.  Plus, it’s easier to carry two Keter workbenches around than it would be to carry two Pegasus workbenches.


Comparing the work surface between the Worx Pegasus and the Keter, I find that the Keter is better due to the fact that it has a larger work surface than the Pegasus.  Comparing the table size between the Keter and the Worx Pegasus – the size doesn’t even come close to each other. If you’re in need of a surface that is wider, then the Keter would be the best choice for you. However, that doesn’t mean that the Pegasus is bad, because you can hook tables together in order to increase the surface size, but remember, this is also going to increase the setup time as well as the weight.


When it comes to durability, I think the Pegasus has that one covered. When you take a look at the Worx Pegasus, then look at the Keter, if you see what I see, I would put more trust into the Pegasus holding up for a longer period of time. I’m just not a big fan of the slam action that the Keter offers when it’s being unfolded – that just doesn’t seem good for a product that is made of aluminum and plastic.

The Clamps

I understand that not everyone out there will care about the clamps and that is okay because they’re not for everyone. Clamps are all a matter of personal preferences, so some of you may remove the clamps and put them to the side. However, if you’re like me and you actually care about the clamps, then the Worx Pegasus is probably more up your alley. I just can’t get my mind off of those extra clamp dogs – sure, it may not seem like that big of a deal, but believe it or not, they add extra control, which comes in handy if the job is already complicated. If you don’t’ care about perfect control, then you’re probably not going to care about those clamps. Just, in this department, the Pegasus has won the show.

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The Worx Pegasus vs the Keter – Which One is Better?

Here we are, at the end of the comparison – it’s a close match between the Pegasus and the Keter, because both of these workbenches are great. The Keter seems to have some amazing specs to it – specs that you can’t overlook. I believe over time the Keter is going to run into durability issues, but I cannot confirm whether that is true or not.

When it comes to portability, the Keter seems to be more portable and is even more convenient, which is something that I look for in workbenches. So, if you