Poulan Pro Pole Saw Reviews

Poulan Pro Pole Saw Reviews


In this review, we are going to look at two pole saws from Poulan Pro and check out their features and pros and cons.

Poulan Pro PR25PS Review

The PR25PS is a gas-powered pole saw that features a 2-stroke, 25cc engine. It also comes with an 8-inch bar, along with a 3 feet extension, providing a 12 ft reach. All the Poulan machines are designed to be attachment-compatible, which includes the Pro PR25PS model. This model comes with 6 different attachment options making it a highly versatile machine. The Poulan Pro PR25PS also comes with a shoulder strap and is the ideal choice for a variety of gardening jobs such as tree pruning, brush cutting, edging, hedge trimming, tilling, blowing, and trimming.

The spring-assisted starter-system combined with the SureFire fuel delivery-system ensures that the engine starts quickly.


– EPS (Effortless Pull Starting) spring-assist pull cord along with the purge bulb that is easy-to-use, ensures easy and fast starts will far less cord pulls.

– SureFire™ Starting System, the no-confusing choke provides a no-fuss, easy start every time.

– ProLink™ Rapid Attachment System- this model is compatible with 6 trimmer attachments. This includes a cultivator, hedge trimmer, pole saw, brush cutter, blower, and edger. The rapid-attachment system requires no tools and converts this trimmer into other useful tools. All that is required is to click-and-go.

The air-purge technology in the Poulan Pro PR25PS removes air from the fuel system and the carburetor, which means this tool will last for a lot longer minimizing the costs involved to regularly maintain this product.

The Poulan Pro PR25PS is easy and light-weight to carry around, making garden chores a lot easier and more enjoyable. This model from Poulan also features an automatic-return stop switch. It resets to the ON position which makes it easier and more convenient to use. The saw bar shaft is also detachable, which means it can be transported and stored separately.

The Pros:

– The Poulan Pro PR25PS has a robust and strong engine

– The Long Pole offers an easy way to reach branches that are higher up

– The detachable shaft offers an easier way to carry the machine around

– An efficient tool to keep up with regular gardening tasks

– The machine is easy to use and understand when you follow the instruction manual

– The assembly process is easy and fast

– This gas-powered pole saw starts quickly

– A powerful way to cut limbs and branches that range from 1/2″ to 6″ thick

– Makes the same noise as gas-powered trimmers

The Cons

– Expensive when compared to other models currently available on the market

– Some users have mentioned that the machine needs to be warmed up before you use it

– When compared to other pole saw’s some users have mentioned that the machine is heavy, especially when it comes to vertical cuts

These machines are durable and designed to last, along with the added benefit of accommodating all the ProLink attachments, which gives you more options. You no longer have to risk standing on a wobbly ladder in order to reach high tree branches, when you invest in the versatile Poulan Pro PR25PS.

Poulan Pro PR28PS Review

If you’re searching for a good pole saw that isn’t going to let you down, then you may want to take a look at the Poulan Pro PR28PS pole saw. This pole saw has some interesting features, which I am going to tell you about.


The engine of the pole saw is pretty powerful, featuring a 28cc, 2 stroke engine. It has an 8” bark that is capable of extending, giving the user a reach of 12’.

Accessories Included

The pole saw comes with a variety of different accessories, including a trimmer attachment as well as a shoulder strap.

Attachment Capable Trimmers

The attachment capable trimmers are interesting, to say the least. With these trimmers, you will have 6 optional attachments. You have everything from standard trimming to tilling, blowing, edging, hedge trimming, and brush cutting as well as tree pruning.

Pull Start – Easy to Start

The effortless pull start makes it easy to get the saw started. The purge bulb (combined with the spring-assist pull cord) is easy to use, making for fast stars.  There’s no confusing choke, making it even easier to get going.

Tap and Go

Gone are the days where you have to manually feed/extend the line. In order to automatically feed/extend the line, all you have to do is gently tap the trimmer head on the ground.


7 Attachments – blowing, tilling, standard trimming, hedge trimming, edging, tree pruning and brush cutting.

Easy to Start – the Poulon Pro PR28PS is easy to get started. Gone are the days when you had to mess around with your lawn equipment before you can start work.

Powerful – The engine is powerful enough to be able to cut through nearly everything you need to cut through.

14.2 Pounds – This pole saw weighs 14.2 pounds, which is light in weight in my book.



There’s one con that I found with this pole saw, and that has to do with the carburetor. The carburetor will need a full tank or it will bog down. However, don’t let this sway you away, because it’s still a good pole saw that delivers both versatility and power on the same note.

In the end, if you’re looking for a good pole saw that will help you keep your yard trimmed without hassles, then the Poulan Pro PR28PS would be a suitable option for you.

Is Poulan Pro a Good Brand?

Poulan Pro is a brand that may pop up a lot while you’re shopping for a pole saw. If you’re new to the field of pole saws, you may be wondering if Poulan Pro is a good brand. When looking at all of the different pole saws, you’re going to find hundreds of different options to choose from. You’ll run across the same brands and you may be wondering how they stack up against each other. Does the Poulan Pro stand a chance against all the other brands? Yes, there is no doubt in my mind that they do, and they’re great pole saws.

Brief History of the Company

Have you heard the name Husqvarna? They are a popular company that owns many different smaller companies, and one of those just so happens to be Poulan Pro. Mind you, Poulan Pro originated back in 1946, so they’re certainly not new to the scene. The company was founded in Shreveport, Louisiana by Claude Poulan, who was a former lumberjack. Electrolux acquired the company in 1986 and in 2006, Poulan jumped into the hands of Husqvarna.

Yes, Husqvarna and Poulan Pro are two separate brands, but Husqvarna owns Poulan Pro. If you look at the designs, you’ll see that they look different. However, the technologies between the two are similar, which is why you see many features of the Husqvarna pole saws in the Poulan Pro pole saws.