Pole Saws

Hooyman Tree Saw Review

For those individuals that take part in the sport of hunting, you may be so focused on the bows, and weapons you need, and forget about those aggravating limbs and bushes that have a tendency to get in the way while you’re shooting. As a hunter, you will want a worthy saw for a good …

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Hooyman Pole Saw Review

Regardless of what you’re doing, whether you’re cleaning up your backyard, setting up a tree stand for hunting, or even simply maintaining your favorite walking trails, surely you can think of times when you could use a pole saw. The only problem is, your current pole saw is at home because it requires power to …

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Can You Use a Pole Saw to Trim Hedges?

Those that work in their yard and like to keep things tidy have tools in their shed that they use for their outdoor activities – things like a shovel, rake, garden hoe, hand trowel, pruning shears, loppers, and all that fun stuff. There may be times when you just don’t have the right tool for …

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Greenworks Pole Saw Reviews

Greenworks Pole Saw Reviews

  What is a pole saw? The name is self-explanatory really, a pole saw is a saw that you put at the end of a pole – it can be used in order to get to those branches that are high in the air without having to stand on a ladder. There are different types …

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Best Folding Pruning Saw

Best Folding Pruning Saws

Garden plants that are cleaned up and pruned look more attractive, and pruning will also help increase their productivity of fruiting and flowering as well as their health. When it comes time to get out there and prune your yard, you will get better results if you use the best tools for the job. One …

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Ryobi Corldess Pole Saw Review

Ryobi Cordless Pole Saw Review

What is a pole saw, and why do you need one? To put it simple, a pole saw is basically a saw that is attached to a pole and it is used for trimming. It can be powered by gas, electric, or battery. Pole saws come in handy for pruning shrubs and trees. It will …

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Best Pole Saw for Palm Trees

Best Pole Saw for Trimming Palm Trees

earthwise pole saw review

Earthwise CVPS43010 2 in 1 Pole Saw Chainsaw Review

When you’re trying to tame your backyard, you’re going to want to have both a pole saw and a chainsaw. A pole saw will come in handy so that you can get to those hard to reach areas, while a chainsaw can be used in order to cut those limbs into smaller pieces once they’re …

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Longest Electric Pole Saw

Longest Electric Pole Saw

When I woke up this morning, I set out to find the longest pole saw – I needed to find something that could not only reach high up in the air, but also something that was safe and built to last. Yes, you can call me picky, but I want only the best for my …

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Sun Joe Pole Saw Reviews

Sun Joe Pole Saw Reviews

Introduction If you’re like me, then there will probably come a time in your life where you have had enough when it comes to cutting tree limbs. You find yourself dangling dangerously off a ladder as you try to remove unruly limbs from the air – you want nothing more than to have those limbs …

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