lightest worm drive saw

Lightest Worm Drive Saw

Regardless of who you are, whether you’re a professional carpenter or a DIY woodworker, you should have all of the finest equipment in your shop. When it comes to working with wood, it is important that you have power tools by your side in order to make things easier on you, and in some cases, possible.

Point blank, you need quality machinery in order to have the upper hand against mishaps.  This is why when it comes to getting these tools, I recommend going for something that is tried and true. If you’re currently looking for a circular saw and you’re going to be taking on small projects at home, I’m going to cut to the chase here – the Skilsaw SPT77WML-01 might just be the circular saw that is suitable for you.

What is Worm Drive

When you see the name “Worm Drive,” if you’re new to the world of woodworking tools, you may be wondering what it is. Simply put, worm drive is referring to the way the engine is built – it means the engine is built inside of the saw. If you were to get a saw that has the ball-bearing and axle style, this is called a “sidewinder.”  What’s the difference between the two? Long story short, the SPT77WML-01 worm drive is more robust, tough, more reliable, and easier to transfer power.


The Skilsaw brand certainly isn’t new to this world – it was established back in 1924, and they are experts in making high-quality saws. Hands down, the SPT77WML-01 model is a suitable option for individuals at any skill level. This is the type of saw that has been built to last. Unlike other models of the saw, this one right here has various key features on it in order to ensure it lasts as a safe, durable tool for many years to come.

Lightest Worm Drive Saw

This is one of the lightest saws in its class, so it’s obvious that it has been designed with the woodworker in mind. To give you an idea of how light it is, it only weighs in at 11.6 pounds. 

11 pounds is great for woodworkers, but for some, it isn’t as great. If you take part in small projects, it’s perfect. Here, let me explain …

When a circular saw is light in weight, it means it isn’t as durable as those that are heavier. However, if you don’t plan on taking on any large tasks on an industrial or professional scale, this isn’t going to be a problem for you. There’s some consumers that have complained about the lack of durability, but those that need a circular saw for DIY projects rave about it due to the fact that it is easy to handle because it isn’t heavy. This right here might just be one of the best worm drive saws you are going to find on the market.

7-1/4 Inch Magnesium Worm Drive

This is an all-magnesium saw and it just so happens to have the ever so popular Worm Drive gearing, offering the power and torque you need in order to get through those challenging cuts. The max cutting capacity of the 7-1/4 inch saw is 2-3/8 inches at 90 degrees.  This saw is great for tasks such as decking, siding, decking, and even ceiling work. With this, you can work on hard, soft, and engineered woods.

Easy to Adjust

This Skilsaw is easy to adjust – ¼ ply, ½ ply, ¾ ply, and 2X. There’s an anti-snag guard, which protects the blade when it’s not in use and it prevents the blade from snagging while you’re working with those thinner materials.

Powerful Motor

If you’re looking for a Skilsaw that has a powerful motor, then you’ve found it. This one has a 15 amp motor that stays cool when in use. It also has a no-load RPM of 5,300.

The Magnesium Construction

The magnesium construction is great because it creates a sturdy design that makes for lightweight handling. For this reason, I believe it is the perfect circular saw for a beginner, but at the same time, it is perfect for someone that has a bit more experience with saws but doesn’t have major projects to take on.

Has Two Handles


This circular saw contains two handles, making it great for cutting from different angles. Personally, I like circular saws that have two handles, because it makes me feel as if I have more control while I’m cutting. When I am working with a saw that only has one handle, it can be awkward to make certain cuts. If you’re familiar with saws and have used both types, I am sure you know what I’m talking about. With two handles, no matter what type of cut you’re making, you will feel comfortable, and this means there will be more accuracy.

The Price

Mind you, I’m not going to say that this Skilsaw is the cheapest circular saw on the block, but the price is pretty catchy, especially if you consider all of the features it has. This is a saw that is simple enough for beginners, but durable enough for serious workers, and looking on the market there really aren’t any circular saws that are better at this price point.

Ease of Use

When it comes to a saw, or any power tool out there, the easier it is to use, the better it’s going to be. Since this Skilsaw has a lightweight construction, it is well known for being easy to use, but it has many other features that make for better accuracy and will save you some time.

Earlier, we mentioned the two handles, but did I tell you about the in-depth measuring system? It has a built-in measuring system, which is really nice. When it comes to hand-measuring the depth of every single piece of wood you’re working with, you will be wasting a lot of time. Since this one has a built-in measuring system, your projects are going to be completed in less time.


15 Amp Power – Since this skilsaw offers 15 amps of power, this means that there will be less waiting and quicker cuts. Mind you, it may not be suitable for a professional or industrial setting, but the 15 amps of power is great for those that plan on doing some DIY projects around the house.  15 amps of power should be more than enough for those small projects.

Light in Weight – Oh yes, the lightweight construction is definitely a plus with this saw. Lightweight means less fatigue. If you’ve ever worked with heavy equipment before, then you probably know all about the fatigue that comes with it. One of the best things about this saw is that it was designed for lightweight use, so you’re not going to feel exhausted after using it for only a couple of minutes. This means that you will be spending more time actually working on your project and taking less breaks.

A Built-in Measurement System – The built-in measurement system is really nice, making for less mistakes and effortless measuring.  When you have to sit there and hand-measure the depth of the lumber, it pretty much wasted your time when there are machines out there like this one that have measuring devices built-in. I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind spending more time working with the wood and less time measuring it.

Anti-Snag Lower Guard – As a woodworker, there will be times when you need to cut small pieces smoothly, and thanks to the anti-snag lower guard, that will be possible. In the past, for me, those small pieces were a big pain in the you know what. There were times where I actually pulled out my hand saw to finish what I needed to do. However, with the anti-snag lower guard feature on this circular saw, you will be able to work with small pieces just as easily as you could work with large strips of wood.

Bevel at Two Different Stages – The bevel can be at 0 degrees and 45 degrees, so finding a cutting angle that works for you will be easier. The saw will cut through any wooden object, with tear-offs and splinters being a thing in your past.


Not Suitable for Professional or Industrial Environments – If you have projects that are on the industrial or professional scale, then you need to skip this circular saw. It is perfect for the DIY hobbyists that plan on working on small projects, but if you plan on taking it to a job site, you’re going to want something that is a bit more sturdier than this one right here.

May Require Lubrication –  After conducting my research on this saw, I found that one of the biggest complaints about this was the fact that worm gear may require frequent lubrication. It is important that you frequently replace oil, and maybe even add some before you first use it.

Why Buy it?

When purchasing something like the Skilsaw SPT77WML-0, it is important that you take note of the qualities that I mentioned above before you purchase it. If you’re in need of a saw that works quickly, easy to control and is light in weight, then there’s no need to look any further because this saw was created especially for you.

Before you purchase a saw, you also need to think about the safety, so let me take a second to recap on that. This one right here is durable, light in weight, and it has a nice price tag on it. If you’re a woodworker that is looking for a new saw and you have determined that the perfect circular saw is durable, light in weight, has some nice features and is powerful enough for those DIY projects, then you’re describing the SPT77WML-01.

So why should you buy it? The biggest advantage of this one is the fact that it is lightweight. When it comes to using circular saws for longer periods of time, it can be exhausting and tedious, but not this one. It only weight 11.7 pounds.  In general, I’m a fan of Skilsaw, and this is mainly because of the little features they include, such as the copper wiring (many don’t even realize this) in the motor. With many circular saws currently on the market, overheating can be a major problem, but not this one. You can use this one for hours on end without having to worry about it overheating.

  • Copper wired motor to make sure it doesn’t have any overheating issues.
  • One of the lightest saws in the category.
  • The bevel capacity is up to 53 degrees.

It offers an overall feel that is much smoother than normal. The combination of its handle placement, having two handles, weight, and smooth motor operation eliminates a lot of stress and makes it fun, when the work would normally feel repetitive with other circular saws. Not to mention the saw’s cutting capacity, which is a major plus, along with the beveled cuts that can be adjusted.

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All in all, the Skilsaw SPT77WML-01 is a great circular saw that isn’t going to let you down. If you have a lot of DIY woodworking projects around your home, I feel as if you’d almost be lost if you didn’t have this one by your side.