DocaPole GoSaw Review

DocaPole GoSaw Review: A Versatile Pruning Powerhouse

If you’re like me and love your outdoor space but aren’t a fan of those pesky pruning tasks, then allow me to introduce you to the DocaPole GoSaw. It’s a dual-purpose pruning saw and tree pruner that’s been a game-changer for my gardening routine.

This tool is no ordinary saw. It functions as a pole saw for those hard-to-reach high branches and a handheld saw for those lower branches, brush, and logs. If you’re wondering how to use it effectively, check out our guide on how to use a pole saw for tree shaping and training.

Boasting a razor-sharp 13-inch bi-directional blade and a 3X tooth design, it’s designed to give you a smooth and efficient cut every time. Not only is it lightweight and comfortable to handle, but it’s also super durable thanks to its rust-resistant hard-chrome plate finish. And while it doesn’t come with a pole, it’s compatible with any standard threaded extension pole. If you’re unsure about which pole to choose, you might find our article on how to choose the right pole saw for your garden size helpful.

Quality and Design: Not Just Another Pretty Face


The DocaPole GoSaw is not just about looks—it delivers on quality and design too. This sturdy tool comes with a 13-inch blade with a precision-ground 3-sided tooth design for efficient bi-directional cutting. This nifty design feature means you can get your pruning jobs done in half the time. The comfort-grip handle is a dream to hold, making those lengthy pruning sessions a breeze. And, thanks to an internal set screw, the handle locks securely into place, ensuring smoother, easier cuts.

Features and Functionality: A Two-In-One Wonder Tool

Here’s what sets the DocaPole GoSaw apart from the rest. Whether it’s on a pole or in your hand, this tool cuts like a champ with its razor-sharp, bi-directional 13″ blade. Its 3X-sided taper-ground tooth design ensures it slices through branches with ease. And there’s no need to worry about it coming loose mid-cut—the secure-fit locking screw keeps the saw firmly attached to the pole.

Comparing the DocaPole GoSaw: Standing Tall Among Its Peers

When stacked up against similar products, the DocaPole GoSaw really holds its own. Its dual functionality as both a pole saw and a handheld saw sets it apart from many other pruning saws on the market. The 13-inch blade is also longer than many of its competitors, ensuring it can reach and effectively cut larger branches. And let’s not forget the unique 3-sided tooth design that allows for bi-directional cuts—a rarity among pruning saws.

Pros and Cons: The Good, The Bad, and The Inconvenient


Every product has its highs and lows, and the DocaPole GoSaw is no exception. On the positive side, its dual functionality, durability, and efficient cutting ability make it a joy to use. However, a few downsides are worth noting. For one, some users, myself included, wish the blade was a bit thicker. The absence of a durable sheath for safe storage is another drawback. Though it’s great that it fits any standard pole, it would be nice if it came with one.


  • Dual-functionality: Can be used as a pole saw and a handheld saw, providing flexibility for various pruning tasks.
  • Razor-sharp 13-inch bi-directional blade: It’s sharp and long enough to effectively cut larger branches.
  • 3X-sided taper-ground tooth design: This feature allows for smooth bi-directional cuts, increasing efficiency.
  • Compatibility: It fits most standard poles, making it a versatile choice for different gardening needs.
  • Comfort-grip handle: This makes it easy and comfortable to hold during extended use.
  • Durability: The hard-chrome plate finish provides rust resistance, extending the life of the blade.


  • Thin Blade: Some users, including me, wish the blade was a bit thicker for more heavy-duty tasks.
  • Lack of Durable Sheath: A proper cover for storage isn’t included, which would help protect the blade when not in use.
  • Pole Not Included: While it fits any standard pole, it would be more convenient if it came with its own pole.

User Experience and Testimonials: Real Users, Real Feedback


I’m not the only one singing the praises of the DocaPole GoSaw. Other users have shared similar positive experiences, applauding its efficiency, versatility, and value for money. One common tip among users is to ensure the saw is securely attached to the pole by tightening the screw before each use. A minor complaint among users, however, is the blade’s thinness, although it doesn’t seem to affect its overall performance.

Tips and Tricks: Getting the Most Out of the DocaPole GoSaw

To ensure your DocaPole GoSaw serves you well, here are a few pointers. Make sure to tighten the screw before each use to keep the saw securely attached to the pole. Also, keeping the blade lightly oiled before and after pruning can help extend its lifespan and prevent sap from gumming up the teeth.

Here’s Why I’m a DocaPole GoSaw Convert

In the final analysis, here’s why I’m head over heels for the DocaPole GoSaw. This baby is no one-trick pony – it’s a versatile and hardworking pruning tool that more than earns its keep. It boasts dual functionality as a pole saw and a handheld saw, a sharp and efficient 13-inch blade, and compatibility with any standard pole. But there’s more! With the same pole, you can swap out the saw for other attachments and tackle a whole bunch of tasks, from cleaning to window washing.

However, like any other product, it’s not perfect. The blade is a tad thinner than I’d like, and the lack of a durable sheath is a bit of a downer. But when I weigh the cons against the pros – the flexibility, the convenience, the performance – I can’t help but give the DocaPole GoSaw a hearty thumbs up. So, if you’re looking for a pruning saw that’s not just a saw but a full-fledged pruning partner, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the DocaPole GoSaw a whirl.