Delta S26-263L Review

Delta Shopmaster Miter Saw Review

Last Updated on: 9th November 2019, 02:52 am

Delta S26-263L Shopmaster 10” Slide Miter Saw with Laser Review

There are a limited amount of woodworking machines that match portability, or versatility of the 10-inch compound miter saw. You can use one to cut cabinet and furniture parts, lumber, crown molding, and even trim for windows and doors.

Not too long ago, I came across a saw that I felt was worthy of telling people about – the Delta S26-263L Shopmaster 10” Slide Miter Saw with Laser.

This particular saw right here features a 12” cross cut capacity, which in my opinion, is really good. With this type of saw, you will be able to complete a wide array of woodworking projects due to the powerful 15-amp motor, and I must say, not only is it powerful, it is also dependable.

The saw even has a laser cut line, which I know is going to come in handy, and don’t forget about the front lock control system – it has 10 miter stops.

Stationary Vs Sliding

For a second, I’d like to compare the stationary and the sliding saw together, to give you an idea of what they are. If you have a woodshop, you definitely need to have a miter saw in it. No woodworker is complete without a miter saw.

Miter saws are versatile and they have a whole lot of benefits nesting behind them, not to mention the features you can take advantage of. They are great for doing renovation, home projects, your daily job, and so on.

You may be wondering why you should choose the stationary saw over the sliding saw, or vice versa. To make it easy, you will need to take the features into account when deciding which one would be the most suitable for you, so let’s take a look at features of both.

Stationary Compound Miter Saws

Delta S26-263L Shopmaster 10" Slide Miter Saw with Laser
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Bench miter saws are part of the specialized saws that are capable of doing more than simple designs. These machines have a pivoting arm, making it flexible due to the fact that it is capable of tipping to both sides – for this reason, it is referred to as “compound.” When working with a saw like this, you can get both a bevel cut and a miter cut.

When it comes to cutting stuff such as corner joint moldings, this would be the type of saw to use. However, you won’t be able to use the saw for wide materials. For example, a 10-inch saw is only capable of cutting lumber that is up to 6 inches in width.

Mind you, with this style, it is capable of handling most jobs, especially those that have you working with crown molding, picture frames, or projects along those lines. When compared to the traditional miter saw, with this type, you;; have a simple way to cut.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws

Why would the sliding compound miter saw be better than the other? Well, it offers more versatility, customization, and freedom when you’re cutting wood. You will have the versatility of a compound miter and you’ll have the sliding features, but there’s also a bladed arm that you can move right, left, forward and backward.

With this tool, you’ll be increasing the cutting capacity. It can handle thicker and longer material. You can use this device in order to cut materials that are up to 16 inches thick. This makes it useful for cutting boards, fencing posts, lumbar, and even logs.

The type of saw you choose is fully up to you, but I would highly recommend the Delta S26-2S3L for a variety of reasons.

I could just tell you to go out and buy the Delta S26-263L Miter Saw with Laser right away, because it really is that good, but I don’t think that’d be fair. I believe that before you buy something like this, it is important that you read about it and make sure it has everything you need for the line of work you plan on going.

So, with that thought in mind, I’m going to give you my honest review on this saw and tell you what it’s all about.


  • Amps – 15-amps
  • Voltage – 120V
  • Arbor Size – 5/8” in Diameter
  • Blade Size – 10” in Diameter
  • Speed RPM – 5,500-RPM

Special Features

  • Table extensions – help with long pieces of wood.
  • Light in weight – easy to move from job to job.
  • Laser – The laser has an on/off switch, which comes in handy. With the laser, aligning the blade is easy.
  • Spindle locks
  • Cord is located in the rear, protecting it from getting in the way of the blade.
Delta S26-263L Shopmaster 10" Slide Miter Saw with Laser
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First things first, I’d like to discuss the laser. The laser is something that comes in handy in ensuring you make straight cuts each and every time. Simply align the blade to the piece you’re working on and using the laser guide system, you can make precise cuts each time – it really is that easy.

The Lightweight Design

Oh yes, I cannot forget about the lightweight design. Time and time again, I have been stuck with saws that were simply too heavy. I mean, at first, they didn’t feel heavy, but after some time of using it, the heavy , exhausting feeling starting to sink in.

With this saw right here, when they say it is light in weight, they mean it. You can move it from room to room or from job to job and use it for long hours, and that exhausting feeling won’t sink in …at least, not for me it doesn’t.

To give you an exact weight, it only weighs 27 pounds. This saw is compact and portable, making it so that you can take it wherever you need to get work done.

Bevels Left

This saw is capable of beveling left from 0 degrees to 45 degrees, making it so that you can cut at full bevel, if you desire.


The saw measures 29 inches in width, 27.75 inches in length and 14.5 inches in depth, and since it comes with a convenient table extension, you will have a whole lot of space to work with.

Strong Motor

The motor offers 15 amps, which is enough for cutting and thanks to the 0 degrees miter and 0 degrees bevel, you’ll be satisfied.

Spindle Lock

The spindle lock on the saw does its job at making sure it keeps everything secured and tight.  There’s also a front lock control system on the saw, which offers additional security and the electric brake will stop the blade in no time at all upon releasing the switch.

What I Like about the Saw

  • Turntable that is smooth and large
  • Extremely accurate
  • Lacks cut vibration
  • Versatile
  • Useful
Delta S26-263L Shopmaster 10" Slide Miter Saw with Laser
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What I Do Not Like about the Saw

  • There’s a dust bag on the saw, which is great. Unfortunately, I noticed that the dust bag misses quite a bit of the shavings and dust.

Table Extensions

With the table extensions, gone are the days when it was hard to work with long pieces of wood. The table extensions are really cool, because they will allow you to support long work pieces.

Should I Buy the Delta S26-263L Slide Miter Saw?

In all honesty, if you don’t buy the Delta S26-263L miter saw, you’d be missing out. If you’re a woodworker that enjoys DIY projects, and you repair your own home, then I would highly recommend this saw. Feel free to take a look around and compare other saws with this one, and choose the one that is the most suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the cutting depth of the saw?

Answer: The cutting capacity is nominal. It can cut 2×6 and 4×4 at 90 degrees and 2×6  with a single pass.

Question: Where is this saw made?
Answer: I notice the saw is made in Taiwan.

Question: Does the laser use batteries or can it be activated by pressing the trigger?

Answer: The laser will require batteries.

Question: Can a different blade for cut steel be used?

Answer: Yes, you can get a steel cutting blade that will fit this, but you need to be careful with this. In the manual, I found that this particular saw is intended to cut plastic and wood – you can cut plastic with the right blade. The blade that comes with the saw should be used for cutting wood only and nothing else.

Question: What is the RPM?

Answer: The blade speed on this saw is 5500 rpm, which is pretty powerful.

Question: Does the Delta saw have a soft start?

Answer: No, this Delta saw does not have a soft start. However, this isn’t all that big of a concern because the performance is out of this world.

Question: Does the Delta sliding miter saw have rubber?

Answer: The handle of the saw and the tightening knobs are made of hard plastic, not rubber. This is a good thing, because you don’t have to worry about the “rubber” on many of the handles getting that gooey feeling over time.

Question: Is this saw capable of cutting through a 6×6 post?

Answer: Sure, it can cut through a 6×6 post, but it won’t be able to do it in one pass. What you can do is cut halfway through the 6×6 post, then flip the post over and repeat.

Delta S26-263L Shopmaster 10" Slide Miter Saw with Laser
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The Shopmaster brand is known for being reliable and affordable. This Shopmaster is made by Delta Power Equipment and depending where you buy it from, it can come with a 3 year warranty.

The unit will also come with a dust collecting bag as well as a work clamp. As I previously said, the dust collecting bag is a bit of a downfall due to the fact that it doesn’t do that good of a job when it comes to collecting dust and debris – many times, the dust and debris miss the bag, leaving you with a bit of a mess to clean up.

However, us woodworkers aren’t afraid of a little bit of cleaning, so this isn’t really all that big of a deal in my book. The built-in laser is a big hit due to the fact that it will show you where the cut is going to be made.

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