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Best Saw Horses – Rated & Compared

Last Updated on: 8th September 2019, 09:33 pm

When it comes to choosing the best sawhorse or work table, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Projects vary, and people have different needs. This is why it is important to check over the sawhorse in order to make sure it has all of the features you’re in need of, and most of all, make sure it is able to support the weight for your projects.

Regardless of who you are, having a good portable work station is needed. Okay, if you’re into interior decorating or cooking, you probably don’t need one. But if you love DIY projects or work constructions, then a portable sawhorse would surely come in handy.

Sawhorses Compared

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What is a Sawhorse?

“Sawhorse” can be a funny word, especially if you’re not familiar with what they are. Long story short, a sawhorse is a frame that is portable – you lay wood on it. Most people use them to raise and support wood they’re cutting with a saw.

A basic sawhorse has two sets of legs that are shaped in the form of a flipped V with a beam that joins the two sets.

The sawhorse is a common sight found on construction sites, and even in the back of a contractor’s truck. To the average person, they look like paint and concrete encrusted beams, but to the contractor, they’re their portable work stands that are designed to be moved from job to job. At home, they may be used as dedicated surfaces such as worktables or benches.

The best sawhorses are those that can be taken down and folded up quickly in order to be stored away, and then popped back up whenever you need them.

Below, I am going to introduce you to the best sawhorses currently on the market. I have everything from the best budget friendly sawhorse all the way down to the top rated sawhorse, so you will have plenty to choose from …

Best Budget Friendly Saw Horse

Goplus Portable Sawhorse

Okay, so you’re in need of a sawhorse, but you don’t really have a big budget. This doesn’t mean you have to skip out and use alternative methods to a saw horse! Really, when it comes to saw horses, the market is packed full of them, and lucky for you, they don’t always have an expensive price tag nesting behind them. After a large amount of research, I have determined that the best budget friendly saw horse would be the Goplus Portable Sawhorse.

The Goplus portable sawhorse is available in a pair …what’s good about a sawhorse if there aren’t two? 

Easy to Transport

This pair has a slim body and they have been designed in a way that will make them easy for you to transport. So, if you have a tendency to travel around with your sawhorse, whether it’s for construction purposes or because it’s how you make your portable outside table, then this would be a great set for you.  To make them even easier to transport, they have a grip handle on them.

Light in Weight

To give you an idea of how heavy they are, each sawhorse comes in at 8.7 pounds, which is pretty good. When you fold it up, it measures 39” x 4” x 1.5”. With measurements like that, you don’t have to worry about them taking up a whole lot of room. Unfolding and folding the sawhorse back up is hassle free.


Yes, this set is easy to transport and is light in weight, but don’t let that fool you! They are super durable, and believe it or not, they can hold up to 250 lbs on each. They are made of high quality metal and there’s a rubber strip on it – some people choose to remove the rubber strip, and that is fully up to you. The rubber strip is there in order to protect the top part and to give an extra grip.

The two sawhorses are attached with a cross brace that makes it stable enough. It can also be separated by pulling apart.

Triangular Structure

When you unfold the sawhorse, you will have a triangular structure. I like the triangular structure, because this makes it more sturdy.


On the steel, there are saw teeth, which can come in handy. For example, let’s say you’re using the sawhorse to store wood – with those teeth, the wood will be sure to stay put.


  • Light in Weight
  • Budget Friendly
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy to Transport


Assembly Directions – Let me explain this one. I noticed some people having problems with the assembly directions. Yes, the assembly directions tell you where the nuts and bolts go, but that’s about it. Simply looking at the picture will help with the assembly process.

All in all, the GoPlus portable Sawhorse would be perfect if you need a sawhorse that is light in weight, durable and easy to carry. Most of all, it’s great for those that need a sawhorse, but don’t quite have enough money to buy an expensive one.

Best Value Saw Horse

Keter Folding Compact Workbench Sawhorse Work Table

I know, money isn’t easy to make, and when you buy something, you want it to be worth it. The next sawhorse on my list comes to us from Keter, and after a lot of research, I have decided that it is the best value sawhorse for all of the below reasons …

Light in Weight

When it comes to making a portable sawhorse, Keter obviously knows what they’re doing. When I first heard that the sawhorse only weight 26 pounds, it was hard for me to believe. The sawhorse is so light in weight, because it has a resin base plastic.

Supports Up to 1,000 Pounds

Okay, so this sawhorse only weighs 26 pounds, but you shouldn’t let that tell the entire story. Believe it or not, it’s capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds. This is actually one of the reasons why I decided this is the best value sawhorse.

Easy to Transport and Store

When you fold the table up, it comes to about 4” in width, which makes it super easy to transport. When you unfold the table, the top is 21.65” wide and 33.46” long. For working, the height of 29.7” is perfect.

Setting the Table Up

When it comes to setting the table up and taking it down, it’s hassle free, which is a feature many of us look for in sawhorses. There’s two push buttons located on the side of the table. All you have to do is push those buttons down and it will open up – that’s all you need to do to get started.

The Clamping System

The clamping system is definitely something I need to go over with you. The Keter sawhorse comes with two clamps, which will give you the opportunity to clamp your work to the table either horizontal or vertically. For this reason, the sawhorse is great for painting, sanding, or using for your cutting projects.

Shelf Below

Below the table is a handy shelf, which is a feature I find really cool. Sure, I know, if you want the table to be portable, you probably don’t understand what the shelf below is for. Personally, I’d use it to store little items that I don’t  have a need for, but will be using for the project – when I work, I believe staying organized is the key, and those shelves will definitely help you stay organized.


  • Light in Weight
  • Holds Up to 1000 lbs.
  • Easy to Carry
  • Easy to Set Up


Wobbly – The table is a tad bit wobbly, but it isn’t too bad. I believe the wobbly issue has a lot to do with the type of surface you’re using the table on.

Overall, the Keter portable sawhorse is well worth the money. It’s strong, easy to open and practical. The shelf underneath was a nice addition, and the clamps are great to use. I am actually surprised at how good this table it for the low price. The table folds up, so you can easily store it away when you’re done.

Heavy Duty Saw Horse

Bora Portamate PM-3300T Steel Folding Sawhorses 

Next on our list of the best sawhorse buying guide, I have found a heavy duty sawhorse that can surely keep up with you – it’s the Bora Portamate PM-3300T Steel Folding Sawhorse. Once you read what I have to say about it, you’ll see why I chose it for this list and why I labeled it a “heavy duty saw horse.”

Light in Weight

Despite the sawhorse being a heavy duty one, it is light in weight, and compact. It’s able to handle those tough jobs, but when it’s all said and done, you can fold it away and store it.


When you fold the sawhorse up, it measures 3-1/2” x 4 ¾” x 36” (Wide, Tall, Long). The sawhorse is compact in size, so you can store it almost anywhere, even in your vehicle.

500 Pound Capacity Each

The sawhorse is capable of holding up to 500 pounds each, which is a decent amount of weight. Mind you, each sawhorse holds up to 500 pounds, so when you use the pair, this means you can hold up to 1,000 pounds.

Spring Loaded Locking Pin

When you’re using the sawhorse for your projects, you don’t want it to fold up on you or anything like that. For this reason, it has a spring loaded locking pin in order to hold the sawhorse up.

No Assembly Required

If you don’t like the idea of having to assemble a sawhorse when you get it, you’re going to love this. When you’re working, you don’t really have any time to waste and Bora Portamate obviously understand this. For this reason, they ship their sawhorses pre-assembled, so it will be ready to use as soon as you get it. All you have to do is open up the box it comes in, unfold the legs, push the lock into place and it will be ready to go.


  • Easy to Use
  • Spring Loaded Locking Pin
  • No Assembly Required
  • Light in Weight
  • A Pair Can Hold 1,000 Pounds


Around the area where the pushing buttons are located to open and close the sawhorse legs, there are sharp edges, and they’re not comfortable to the fingers when pushing those buttons. However, this isn’t nothing a pair of gloves can’t take care of.

This Bora Portamate sawhorse is rugged, stable, and ready to be put to work as soon as you take it out of the box. It is great to use, regardless of your job, whether you’re installing cabinets, garage door, or building your own furniture, this pair might just be what you need.

Top Rated Saw Horse

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse 

For the top rated sawhorse, I have decided that the WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work table and sawhorse would be the best bet. In order to create a larger surface to work on, you can add it with other Pegasus tables (or sawhorses that are the same height).

Dual Clamping System

WORX Pegasus offers a dual clamping system, so you can easily hold the object your working on in place.  The bar clamps can be adjusted and are built into the table – they slide along the top. They are great for holding straight-edged materials in their spot so that you can glue, cut, paint, varnish, or do whatever you need.

Four Holding Pegs

Across the tabletop, you will find four holding pegs. These are there in order to secure irregularly or rounded shaped objects in place.

Work Table

The work table can hold up to 300 pounds. Mind you, this may not be enough for commercial use, but it is good for home woodworkers and DIY projects. If you need it to hold more weight, you can turn it into a sawhorse.


The work table can easily be transformed into a sawhorse. All you have to do is take off the clamps and fold down the sides of the table, and from there, you will have a sturdy sawhorse that is capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds. 


Using this as a worktable, you will have 31”x 25” of surface to work on. This table can support up to 300 pounds.

Easy to Store

At the end of the day, you can fold the Pegasus and store it away without having to hassle with it. Once it’s folded up, it’ll be small enough to store in a smaller garage or workspace.


The durability is pretty impressive, especially for a bench at this price. Surprisingly, the BS plastic is rugged, and I couldn’t help but to notice that the stand has been strengthened with aluminum.


Despite it all, this table only weighs in at 28 pounds, making it light enough for one person to carry without straining themselves.

Durability and build quality is rather impressive, particularly for a more affordable bench. The ABS plastic is surprisingly rugged while the stand is strengthened with aluminum. Despite this, the Pegasus weighs in at just 28 pounds so it’s light enough to carry around without straining yourself if the need arises. This is further eased thanks to the neat foldable design. The Pegasus is a breeze to stash in limited spaces when not in use.

Use with Other Work Tables

The Pegasus has been designed in a way that if you are in need of more space, you can latch numerous tables together, which will create a bigger workshop.


  • Easy to transport and store
  • Sawhorse supports 1000 pounds
  • Suitable for large work pieces
  • Double duty – can transform from a work table into a sawhorse in seconds
  • Clamps for securing your work
  • Light in weight
  • Made from durable ABS plastic and reinforced with aluminum


In order to be used as an effective sawhorse, you will either need to buy 2 of these units, or have another sawhorse that is the same height as this one.

This would be a great buy and I really like how it can be used as a work table and a sawhorse. For those of you that are looking for a solid and durable surface, this would be a suitable option for you.

Worx vs Keter