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Bosch ROS20VSC vs ROS20VSK Compared

If you’re a woodworker, then chances are, you already know that sanding is something you will need to do a whole lot of. A sander is a tool that you will be spending a great deal of time using in your shop, so you don’t want to choose the first one you come across. We …

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Rockwell RK3441K Circular Saw Review

Getting the right circular saw is always troublesome if you don’t know which is the best in the market. If you are looking for a top-rated circular saw, the Rockwell RK3441K 4-1/2″ compact circular saw could be the best choice for you. Manufactured by the leading power tool company Rockwell, this circular saw is convenient …

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Maxtra Pole Saw Review

If you have tree branches in your yard that are hard to reach and you’re tired of climbing up on a ladder with a chainsaw (this is dangerous), then you may want to consider investing in a pole saw. Since you are here today, reading a review on a special pole saw, it’s safe to …

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Kobalt Pole Saw Review

In order to keep your yard looking good, then proper yard maintenance is needed, and since there is no “one tool does all,” you will need to have a variety of different tools at hand. When it comes to trimming those limbs and pruning shrubs, a pole saw would be a great idea. However, not …

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Ridgid AC9946 Mobile Miter Saw Stand Review

In the past, many people were stuck using hand saws if they needed to make cross cuts in wood. Unfortunately, though, this technique wasn’t as accurate and efficient as one would hope it would be. Then, miter saws started to pop up and capture a lot of attention due to the fact that they were …

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Poulan Pro Pole Saw Reviews

Poulan Pro Pole Saw Reviews

  In this review, we are going to look at two pole saws from Poulan Pro and check out their features and pros and cons. Poulan Pro PR25PS Review The PR25PS is a gas-powered pole saw that features a 2-stroke, 25cc engine. It also comes with an 8-inch bar, along with a 3 feet extension, …

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Best Miter Saw Stand

Best Miter Saw Stand

Finding the best miter saw stand can be complicated since there are so many different ones to choose from, and they’re not all created equal. For this reason, I have decided to put together a guide for my readers, to help them find the best. Do I Need a Miter Saw Stand? Sure, you could …

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Wet Tile Saw Under 300

Best Wet Tile Saw Under 300

If you’re currently looking for the best wet tile saw under 300, then chances are, you have a project that you would like to do around the house. If this is true, then I have a list of the best saws just for you – this list of the best didn’t just happen overnight – …

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Hooyman Tree Saw Review

For those individuals that take part in the sport of hunting, you may be so focused on the bows, and weapons you need, and forget about those aggravating limbs and bushes that have a tendency to get in the way while you’re shooting. As a hunter, you will want a worthy saw for a good …

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Hooyman Pole Saw Review

Regardless of what you’re doing, whether you’re cleaning up your backyard, setting up a tree stand for hunting, or even simply maintaining your favorite walking trails, surely you can think of times when you could use a pole saw. The only problem is, your current pole saw is at home because it requires power to …

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